A Unique Team

As I prepare to move from my role as a Campus Pastor at Sun Valley Community Church to the role of Executive Pastor of Harvest Community Church, Florida, I am struck by the uniqueness of this opportunity. In 2009 I partnered with Lee Stephenson in planting Harvest Community Church in Arizona. Lee proved to be... Continue Reading →

Sometimes “Go” Means Go.

If you are interested in getting the inside scoop on what's next, or to pray and support us in launching the new church, click here. It’s with a great mixture of excitement and sadness that we want to share some important news with our Arizona friends and family. Over the past month, Bethany and I have been praying about an... Continue Reading →

Looking Beyond Our Pain

I have been repeatedly awe-struck reflecting on the powerful, deep, life-altering, hopeful words from the New Testament letter 1 Peter in my own personal study times lately. Martin Luther is reported to have said of this book that it contained everything necessary for a Christian to know. On Sunday a wonderful member of my church... Continue Reading →

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