My Vocation

I belong to Jesus. Before anything else, I am a man that God chose to forgive, and to invite into a new life following him rather than my own dead-end plan.

I will live in light of, and dedicated to the truth and implications of, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
“I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16a ESV)


In quite moments of honest reflection I find that most people feel a tension between two truths:

1- They feel that they value immensely…that they are more than molecules and DNA…that there is something uniquely important about their life.

2- They feel like whatever they feel in the first point is broken somehow.

I know of no other explanation that comes close to the gospel that is found in the Bible in making sense of this reality. We are important, because God made each one of us in love, and we bear his image. And yet our relationship to this God is broken because of our own nature, choices, and self-centeredness. We are not as bad as we possibly could be, but we are no longer naturally centered on God. The Bible calls this reality sin, and we’ve all felt it’s effects in our lives, our families, and our world.

The gospel is the good news that God himself has come to rescue and restore creation in and through the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Jesus changes everything.

Our sin has wrecked our lives and is the source of the brokenness around us. Only through the work of Jesus in his death on the cross can our lives be changed. As we respond to him with faith, we are forgiven, provided freedom, and our relationship with God is restored. Every Jesus follower is invited to follow him into his mission to rescue and restore. I am privileged enough that I get to devote my working hours directly to this task as a pastor helping to build disciples who carryout this mission at Harvest Community Church.

My Family


I am married to a beautiful and capable woman. Bethany loves me and our family well! We have five children who fill our life with much joy!

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