Give and Keep Trust

Perhaps you've heard it said that "trust is earned." This possesses the sound of wisdom. We all have been failed by others. Others have acted against us by intent and by neglect. We've been hurt by the actions of others. We've lost money, time, or resources by the actions of someone we trusted. To say... Continue Reading →

Why Are You Sure You Can Feed Your Soul?

In a publication of a popular local website in my community, the “Lady Nona” offers a thoughtful reflection on feeding one’s soul. The author aptly writes, “Your soul is the one miracle that no one can explain; the believers can’t rationalize it, and the non-believers can’t deny it.” The article proceeds to offer some standard... Continue Reading →

Two Truths to Live By

I long deeply for affirmation. Like at a level of need. Does this make me weak? I was out jogging this morning and after stopping the run app I was using the familiar voice of actor Kevin Hart congratulated me! No joke. He told me, "Your mama would be proud!" This audio recording, shared over... Continue Reading →

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