Harvest 21 Days of Prayer Challenge

We need to move away from fear and toward bold, risk-taking faith. Prayer is the key. As we prepare to open the doors of Harvest Community Church on September 30, 2018, we're inviting you to join us for 21 Days of courageous prayers. One of our distinctives at Harvest is we don't play it safe, we... Continue Reading →

Pain, Joy, and New Beginnings

I recently had some conversations with people in my new community about the church plant my family has moved to the Orlando area to help support. We feel strongly that God has invited us to take this step, and so there's great joy in looking forward to what might become and how the Lord might... Continue Reading →

First Two Weeks in Florida

This post will be of a personal nature updating our supporters from Arizona on our first two weeks in Florida so far. Our time has been amazingly rewarding, challenging, and tiring so far! I don't know anyone who likes the process of moving, and there are great reasons behind the negative feelings. The following running... Continue Reading →

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