After Christmas

With all of the busyness and potential distractions and challenges of the Christmas season we hope that you also had time to reflect on Jesus, the Savior whose birth we celebrate. This Christmas Eve the preschoolers who checked into our Kids programming had a birthday party for Jesus. There was cake, candles, and we sang... Continue Reading →

Why Are You Sure You Can Feed Your Soul?

In a publication of a popular local website in my community, the “Lady Nona” offers a thoughtful reflection on feeding one’s soul. The author aptly writes, “Your soul is the one miracle that no one can explain; the believers can’t rationalize it, and the non-believers can’t deny it.” The article proceeds to offer some standard... Continue Reading →

Spilled Milk and Faith

Don’t cry over spilled milk. That old line sounds really good. I thought about it when my youngest literally cried over having spilled her milk at breakfast. And no, I did not use the line on my 5-year old! I’ve noticed, however, that there are times when I respond to trivial obstacles in my life... Continue Reading →

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