Two Truths to Live By

I long deeply for affirmation. Like at a level of need. Does this make me weak? I was out jogging this morning and after stopping the run app I was using the familiar voice of actor Kevin Hart congratulated me! No joke. He told me, "Your mama would be proud!" This audio recording, shared over... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus in the Mud

This weekend I participated with some great guys from Sun Valley Community Church in the Tough Mudder event happening next to our East Mesa campus. The experience triggered a few thoughts of comparisons to following Jesus and our leadership culture at Sun Valley. Why would anyone do this anyway? Thousands of people paid a decent price tag... Continue Reading →

The Greatest

It's Monday. For many, that thought comes with at least a tinge of anxiety. Ready or not, the grind of the work week has resumed! I have the privilege of spending some time on Monday preparing for what's next for our ministry. It is vitally important that planning for what's next doesn't merely mean for this... Continue Reading →

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