The Greatest

It's Monday. For many, that thought comes with at least a tinge of anxiety. Ready or not, the grind of the work week has resumed! I have the privilege of spending some time on Monday preparing for what's next for our ministry. It is vitally important that planning for what's next doesn't merely mean for this... Continue Reading →

Generosity for Today

 If we're honest, we all want to be rich don't we? I do too. What wrecked my world was my view of riches being turned upside down. One of my values that I’m striving to let inform my daily actions is that of generosity. Generosity acknowledges the truth that true riches are not determined by what... Continue Reading →

Priorities Provide Focus

Time management is overrated. Priority management is king. This is a realization that I'm coming to presently. Now, certainly time matters. How we spend our time matters. But thinking about time alone will not likely change your life. Probably like you, I tend to have more things I want to do than time to do... Continue Reading →

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