We need to move away from fear and toward bold, risk-taking faith. Prayer is the key. As we prepare to open the doors of Harvest Community Church on September 30, 2018, we’re inviting you to join us for 21 Days of courageous prayers.

One of our distinctives at Harvest is we don’t play it safe, we follow Jesus. Following Jesus requires risk. I define risk as a willingness to put your time, treasure, reputation, or security on the line by committing to actions with the potential for gain but no certainty of success.

Biblical, risk-taking action is based on faith: a knowledge and belief in the gospel which compels trust anchored in the nature of God and one’s position in Christ. We want to be a people who believe so strongly in the power of Jesus and the mission he has invited us into that we are compelled to commit ourselves to his service, even when it scares us.

Can I say, that starting something new like this is scary? And can I say that it is right. It’s right to risk something for the cause of Christ! When we pray we connect ourselves to the God who gives us the courage to act.

Each of the 21 prayers we will share come from the Psalms.* Praying the Psalms can fuel courage. They help you to process your fears, doubts, pain, and anger. They provide a clearer and larger picture of God’s love. They lead us to confess our weaknesses and sin and to trust God’s power and mercy.

So, will you pray with us over the next 21 days? If you haven’t already done so, text the number 21 to 407-588-9310. When you do, you’ll receive a text message each day at 6AM EDT with a link to a verse to make your prayer and a specific need for the launch of Harvest to pray for.

Can you imagine what God can do through all of us? Let’s take some risk to find out.

*The 21 Psalms shared come from 21 Courageous Prayers, by Gary Rohrmayer. Used with permission.

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