Have you ever noticed how things that are really good for you are really hard to do? Why is that? Why is eating healthy more difficult than eating poorly? Why is confronting an unhealthy behavior in someone you love harder than ignoring it? What got me thinking about this today was running.

I love running…when I’ve finished. I love the healthy benefits I experience personally. I often joke that I run to not get fat and not go crazy. I experience health benefits through the exercise which helps me keep off some unhealthy weight. I also benefit mentally and emotionally. Running releases stress for me like a pressure valve releases pressure. When I am regularly running I benefit from great add-on perks as I end up drinking more water, sleeping better, and feeling better about my day.

I have also found that some of my clearest realizations happen while running. One of the directional insights I received related to my particular leadership make-up happened while on a run as I asked God (for the umpteenth time) to help me understand my particular leadership calling for church ministry. The idea of “leading from the middle” is something I’ll write more about a different time, but this directional break through happens while on a run– I remember slowing down and walking a bit as the idea really sunk in.

The question, however, is why– knowing all of these benefits which will only accrue like compounding interest over time– why on earth is it still so hard to actually run? This morning was the first time since we’ve moved to Florida that I did so. It took 12 days. Twelve days of good excuses about how I did not have my running shoes located or had so much to do setting up the house, or learning how to mow a yard again, or whatever. It took me twelve days to decide to do this thing that I know is so beneficial for me to do. And I almost didn’t. I could not find my Bluetooth headphones and that just would not do! But I did! Find them… and run. And it felt good. Really good.

What have you noticed that is really hard for you to do even though it is really good for you and you really want to do it? Can I encourage you and me both? Do it. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

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