If we’re honest, we all want to be rich don’t we? I do too. What wrecked my world was my view of riches being turned upside down. One of my values that I’m striving to let inform my daily actions is that of generosity. Generosity acknowledges the truth that true riches are not determined by what we get but by what we give. Since there is great power in a well-crafted question beyond a statement, I’ve attempted to build my personal values around a question. When it comes to generosity the question I ask is this:
What can I give away that would benefit the Kingdom today?
The question I ask reveals some of my deepest beliefs and may require some explanation. For that reason, I include a little theological reflection below. I hope you’ll read it. I begin with the practical punchline, however.
Clearly, generosity should be modeled in our finances. For the sake of this post, however, I want to focus on how we can practice generosity in other daily ways. As I Christian I believe that my life’s purpose isn’t to gain personal glory (get people to think I’m awesome), but to bring glory to God (help people realize he’s awesome).
Something I’m learning in leadership is that generosity gives me influence for God’s glory.
Also as a Christian I believe that I am part of God’s work to build a Kingdom of sorts. Jesus prayed that God’s Kingdom would come on Earth as in Heaven. How would you like a little bit of Heaven on Earth? That’s part of the fun in following Jesus is we get to see people experience God in the here and now. Generosity is an avenue to do just that. This is why I ask what can I give away that would benefit the Kingdom today?
6 daily give aways that will bless the people in your life:
  1. Pay Compliments. Compliments should be genuine. Acknowledging the goodness, beauty, skill, or accomplishments of others gives them something and costs you nothing.
  2. Pay attention. When I’m in a meeting with someone I do my best to give them my attention. There’s something enriching about being really listened to so bless others by giving them your focused attention while you have time together.
  3. Give opportunities. Leaders want the chance to try new things and make progress in their abilities. Providing those I lead with opportunities to grow is a smart gift.
  4. Give trust. Assume the best in others. Expect faithfulness and trustworthiness. It’s interesting to note that people who trust others less tend actually to be lest trustworthy people themselves. You enrich the life of the one you give your trust to.
  5. Give credit. When someone is responsible for a win, don’t rob them of the credit. When someone makes me look good, I like to give them credit in front of my peers or leaders.
  6. Provide accountability. Show that you care about your leaders’ success by helping them reach their goals. Goals are not a set it and forget it thing!
 So, what can you give someone today? If you are a Christian, how can you let the good news of Jesus in your life be experienced by someone else by what you give?

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