This morning I received a text from a friend. It was a quote from Tierce Green: “Christ’s performance, not yours, is what matters in God’s eyes.” What a great reminder of the gospel– the good news about what God has done in and through Jesus! The gospel is news because it reports on actual events. It’s the truth of what Jesus did. It’s why there is so much beauty and power in Jesus’ words from the cross, “It is finished.” Jesus accomplished, once and for all, a salvation I never could.

Because I’m a mess, I can take good news about what Jesus did and make it an anxious reporting about me instead. I can obsess about my work, my accomplishments, my failures… about me. Again this morning I am reminded that Jesus is really good news and that Jesus changes everything.

I was also reminded of a “leadership turn around statement” I wrote awhile back while reading John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Here’s my statement in full:

I will pursue Jesus, remember God’s love to me in the gospel.  I will lean into leading with passion from the gospel first, and ever-growing competence second. If I am not the sharpest tool in the leadership shed I will seek to be the most afire with and for the gospel, all for the benefit of building disciples.

I share it to remember, publicly, that in the gospel all my hopes reside. Either Jesus is the Savior and will one day make all things new, or I have nothing worth hoping in. I need to be reminded daily that because Jesus changes everything, my life should be all about him (not me), and that is really good news.

Here’s to trusting that the best witness to the good news I can ever be begins by being set on fire by the gospel!

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