Because Jesus
Jesus– the one I meet somewhere between the pages of the New Testament and the daily grind of real life– Jesus changes everything. If I let him. I love Jesus. I am loved by Jesus. The second statement came first and created the first. “Jesus loves me this I know”… and that changes everything for me. At least, it can and it should. And I pray that it increasingly will.

He guides all of my life…as much as I let him in. There’s no part of my life that his reality doesn’t shape…at least in potential.  Sure, there are so many ways that I try to stay in control, and so I limit his impact on my life. So I resolve to reflect, regularly, upon something true about Jesus. And I will ask this Jesus who is true how who he is should change me.

In this series I’ll take one of my favorite passages in all the Bible and let it’s truth about Jesus sink in. In Colossians chapter one we are gifted a poetic, lyrical, beautifully profound celebration of Jesus Christ The Lord. So let’s take one of these amazing truths about Jesus and let this celebration of who he is guide us…change us…shape us, as we remember how central Jesus is to everything.

Over the next several posts I’ll share some thoughts from this great passage of scripture including these life-changing truths:

  • Because in Jesus, God became visible, I can know God’s nature.
  • Because Jesus is in charge of all creation, I know the future will reach God’s goal.
  • Because Jesus made everything, he knows how everything works.
  • Because Jesus actively sustains the world, I know he is near.
  • Because Jesus is leading his people, we aren’t lost.
  • Because of Jesus’ resurrection, the final perfection has broken into our time and space.
Because Jesus…

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