Today was either normal or absolutely extraordinary, wholly a matter of perspective.  We completed another Sunday of services at the Gateway 12 Theaters in Mesa.  Then our family had lunch with friends, drove the 35 minutes home, put the kids down for a nap, and did some reading before I went on a ride to burn some steam and some calories.  As I sat down after the ride I thought about my “ordinary” day.  Then I began to break down what had really happened in the previous nine hours:

We’d just completed another Sunday with the new church plant I am on staff with.  I get to be part of something incredible as God uses a body of believers to reach out to a community and invite people into a relationship with Jesus, and to draw other Christians closer to Him.  What’s more, not only am I a part of this team, I’m actually paid so that I can devote myself to it full time.

Then we had lunch with friends.  Our neighbors in fact.  Like us they live over 30 minutes away from the theater we hold Sunday services.  They came to support us on our grand opening and then just kept coming back.  Now they’re in a small group with us too.

Then we put the kids down for a nap.  We have two beautiful children, both of them three.  One was nurtured in my wife’s womb, and the other came into our family only months ago through adoption.  Both are absolutely incredible gifts from my Heavenly Father.

So while I sat I paused, contemplating the blessed “ordinariness” of the day.

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