We have just arrived back at our hotel after an amazing day. Bethany and I signed up for the Christian Alliance Adoption Summit unsure of what exactly to expect, but compelled to attend. Our connection point was our own adoption journey we are currently in the middle of, so I expected or hoped for some confirmation of our choice to jump into this call without all of the answers. What happened today was that and SO much more.

As I’ve listened to awesome Christian speakers in the field, and organizations and workers in ministries related to orphan care God has not only confirmed in my heart our choice but has enlarged my vision for the local church. Today God powerfully reminded me that the church is the hope of the world. Today God helped me to catch the vision that orphan care is far more than a social agenda but is in fact part of the lifeblood of His gospel.

All over the world churches are stepping up to care for orphans in their midst and sharing the truth of Jesus with the audience of people their loving care gained them.

The church in America is being awakened to this incredible need and opportunity to use her resources to empower her brothers and sisters in hurting places to spread the gospel. And I believe as churches in the US do this, they are awakened to God’s power, His love, His missional call, His call to sacrifce and be set apart, our hope in Jesus through the gospel, and God’s glory through His church that embraces the love and sacrifice of Jesus.

I am encouraged in the midst of transitions in my life that God has called me to love and serve his bride the church and to expect and encourage great things from her!

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