Ever since my wife Bethany and I began our process of adopting our hearts have been opened to issues we were aware of before, but (speaking for myself) were sadly unmoved by.  In the past few months my knowledge of some of the global crises that impact children has grown, and my desire to do something about things has increased too.  Besides adopting, I am often at a loss to what God is inviting us to do.  I do believe, however, that one of the things God has encouraged me to do is to talk, share, and invite others to seek out ways that God may invite them to engage in His mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the world.

One part of this missional calling we have as Christians is to truly embody the good news of Jesus.  We don’t just share a story of good news, but our Spirit-filled, transformed inside-out lives should excite interest in others who are searching for the kind of abundant life that Jesus makes available to all those who abide in him.

With this in mind, I’ve found a theme for this blog, and an inspiration to write.  For those friends who will grace me with their time to read my hope is that God will do for you what He has begun to do for me.  To expand both our concern for the world, and our faith that Jesus can and will empower us with his world-changing good news.

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