So after a long few days preparing and running Operation X, an outreach experience for our student ministry I am taking the first of a few days off. It hasn’t been uneventful however. I’m currently at a Krispy Kremes in Mesa waiting for our Mazda to get fixed.

I went first for a physical and blood work to be included in our adoption paperwork. Fun.

That’s the picture with 2 needle marks.

The first was done by what I now assume is a rookie in the ways of blood drawing. After pushing the needle around for a while she called for relief from a non-rookie (needle still stuck in my arm) to take over.

So this weekend I witnessed some real God-moments in kids lives as the Holy Spirit moved in a worship and prayer session Saturday night.

Just now I got news from my mom that one my sisters is in the hospital. “Coincidentally” I’m just down the road so now I’m more anxious for my car to be ready and to get there before stopping by Queen Creek for a staff photo.

Besides that I’ve been thinking about whether I really, truly care about evangelism the way I should and could. It’s too easy to get caught up in doing things and jobs and realizing that another year has passed and wondering if I’ve really spent my life spreading gospel above all else.

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