The verdict is in, this marathon of an election that has consumed so much is complete,  and Barack Obama is the President Elect of these United States of America. My emotions are mixed, and although John McCain received my support and my vote, I will take a cue from his gracious exit speech, and focus on my hopes tonight.

shoreI am hopeful for a nation that has selected it’s first African American president. I am hopeful because young people appear to be energized in a political process in greater ways than before. I am happy to live in a nation that allows candidates to battle hard for it’s Presidency, and the winner-elected by it’s citizens- is welcomed and applauded by his supporters, and even his defeated opponent. I am hopeful, even though many of my views differs from his, for my President Elect has succeeded in inspiring a hope about tomorrow for so many that want to believe our nation may have its brightest days ahead.

Mostly I am hopeful, optimistic, and happy to know that “on Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other faith is shifting sand.” So tonight, I will sleep secure and I will do so because I follow a God who is sovereign over all and a Jesus who is the King of Kings (and presidents).

Jesus once said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, so tonight I applaud the achievement of Barack Obama’s team, and I give God all respect and hope for tomorrow.

At the end of a long war for independence from Britain, in his final communications as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, George Washington wrote about this unusual in experiment we the “Citizens of America” are still sharing in today:

They are, from this period, to be considered as the Actors on a most conspicuous Theatre, which seems to be designated by Providence for the display of human greatness and felicity.

Washington believed that the American experiment was a gift to shine a beacon of freedom to the world, and that no other reason but the hand of Providence could explain the unique opportunities the infant nation (or soon to be one) had been granted. I hope America can increasingly be a blessing in our world, but more-so I hope that Christians can be.

Jesus told his followers that they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. May God grant to Christians in America increased opportunity to preserve, save, flavor, and lighten this world of ours because of or in spite of or irrespective of these concluded elections.

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