Earlier today I was driving my 2 year old son home from a day with his “Nana.”  At the start of our journey home my already-unhappy-to-be-stuck-with-dad-and-leaving-Nana toddler realized he was seated at just the wrong angle inside our little Malibu.  He sat directly facing an intense late afternoon sun as we initially drove west out of the neighborhood.  The humorous take-away happened when he angrily rebuked the malicious orb yelling “No sun, no!”  I first thought, we’ve got a 45 minute drive and he’s going to start throwing a fit one minute into it.  But after the 3rd “No sun, no!” I moved from mounting frustration to slight amusement (I’m sick, I know), and then I realized there’s a lesson to learn here.

No, it isn’t that cutesy kidde sunglasses are a good investment, or that front windshield tinting would be nice. I’m thinking a little deeper; that in many ways I am still like my 2-year old, sun-cursing toddler.  I have found myself repeating behaviors that I know are equally futile to ordering the sun around.  Maybe you don’t try to order parts of the galaxy around, but do you find yourself ramming your head into a brick wall in other ways?

“I am determined to be wise”—

but this was beyond me.

Whatever wisdom may be,

it is far off and most profound—

who can discover it?

Ecclesiastes 7

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