I caught some of an interesting documentary tonight on Frontline:

The program is available online of course.  Just click the image above then click Watch the full program online.  Your kids live in a wired, online, always on world.  I’m still in my 20s, but I recognize that my use of technology in communication lags far behind many teens.  Case in point: email.  I use it all the time, your kids probably don’t.  Gosh, you might as well light a fire in the backyard and try to communicate sending smoke signals.  Text messaging, social networking sites, cell phones, and chat supplement and often replace face-to-face communicating.

My takeaway from watching for you parents?

  • Be aware, and as much as possible be involved in the mediums your kids are using to communicate. Text your kids. Know their social networking sites.
  • Don’t overextend privacy in this area.  Talk to your kids about what websites they upload personal content to.  Don’t allow unmonitored internet use.  If you’re interested to know whose home your child is hanging out at physically, why would you allow total freedom to the same child to communicate any time, with anyone online?
  • Talk, talk, talk to your kids. (and text, and post to their myspace–how embarrassing!)
Here’s a couple clips our RevGroup leaders are playing as a conversation started on their study this week:



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