I So I picked up my son from a friend of ours who watches him once or twice a week during our work days. Here he is sitting with some of his animals (which currently go everywhere he goes) and wearing “Daddy hat”

So when we got home we went to play in the backyard. Well, let me take you back about 30 minutes. On my way to pickup Eli, I went to get into my car. If you read my last post, I found out that while our Malibu doesn’t always start, the problem is that the manufacturer’s anti-theft system keeps forgetting that our key should be allowed to start our car, so it overrides it. Well there’s a workaround: you can turn the ignition to the on position and wait for 10 minutes. Then for reasons unknown to me the car will turn off the security feature and allow you to start the engine. I googled our issue and discovered this is a common problem.

So I go to get into my Malibu (hoping it will start) and I was attacked by about 15 flies which had apparently claimed my car as their own. I’m not sure if these were some Africanized killer flies or what but after battling through them, firing up the engine (yes) and picking up my son and taking him home we went out to play in the backyard.

Well apparently the fly swarm at the office was not an isolated event. While

trying to hang with my boy in the backyard flies were pestering the heck out of me. I’d had enough, so I went inside and grabbed a weapon. A man can only take so much pestering, and abuse before taking action and I’d had enough. I swung my weapon like a samurai defending his home. I swatted high, I swung low. Flies fell from all corners of my backyard as I released my fury. About 25-30 felled flies later I rested, satisfied that some good had been done, and that I should return to the point of the evening: hanging with my son.

Somewhere in the middle of my fly-killing spree I wondered two things:

  1. Are my 2-Story Neighbors enjoying the show?
  2. Is killing 30 flies really going to make a difference?

I not sure about the first answer, but for the 2nd? It made a difference to this one:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impact of my life, and what I spend my time on. I’ve been reminded lately to make every effort to transform the potential that God has given me into actual ability to do good in the world. We were born with potential, but we are not supposed to die with it. So much of life is spent “chasing the wind“, and skill is required to avoid futility and walk out in a life of purpose.

God help us to find and fulfill the good plans you have for us.

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